Frankincense & Lanolin Balm

A perfect package deal

Oil – 14 ml (0.47 fl. oz.)
Balm – Net Wt. 2.1oz. (60g)

Frankincense & Lanolin

Essential Frankincense Oil and 100% Pure Lanolin Balm. Purchase both products and support The Kennedy Report.

$134.00 USD

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    1. I read that certified pure therapeutic grade frankincense, as this one is, can be taken internally.

      1. Yes, you can take internally. However, first test to make sure you are not allergic or have any adverse reactions to it by dabbing a few drops on your skin. If you see you don’t get a rash or any irritation after about 15 min your good to go.

        You can add one to three drops to a glass of water and drink it first thing in the morning. If you would like more information on how to use it specifically for your needs, talk to a naturopath who can advise you on how to use it best for your daily health care routine.

        For anybody who is interested in including Frankincense in their day to day health care routine and is not familiar with its use we highly recommended to talk to a naturopath.

    2. It can be used for both. Like any highly potent, natural product you should first test to make sure you do not have any adverse reaction before using. Its advisable to talk to a naturopath if your considering in using it as part of your daily health regime.

  1. Would have selected the cheaper deal frankness oil and lanolin oil for 166.98, had I seen it first rather than after I made the purchase! and why did I have to order twice, one for the francansence oil and and a second package for the lanolin oil and then have to pay the postage 2 times .how about one box not 2 different boxes this is stupid and a wast of money and time. can u repair this and do it in one order one post , with the deal a166.98 USD, and now the second lanolin oil in the same order ?

    1. Hopefully you are happy with the way we took care of your issue. We hope that you are enjoying our products and if you don’t mind to take a moment of your time and tell us what you think of our products.

  2. I love the Lanolin balm, I have very dry, cracked heels and the this balm has helped alleviate this and other dry skin areas. I love the smell too!

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