Frankincense & Lanolin Balm

A perfect package deal

Oil – 14 ml (0.47 fl. oz.)
Balm – Net Wt. 2.1oz. (60g)

Frankincense & Lanolin

Essential Frankincense Oil and 100% Pure Lanolin Balm. Purchase both products and support The Kennedy Report.

$166.98 USD

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  1. Would have selected the cheaper deal frankness oil and lanolin oil for 166.98, had I seen it first rather than after I made the purchase! and why did I have to order twice, one for the francansence oil and and a second package for the lanolin oil and then have to pay the postage 2 times .how about one box not 2 different boxes this is stupid and a wast of money and time. can u repair this and do it in one order one post , with the deal a166.98 USD, and now the second lanolin oil in the same order ?

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