#70 – Debunking Atheist lies about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Around Easter, there are always publications casting doubt on the truth of the Resurrection, often on TV. There are plenty of theories that people have posed throughout the years in an attempt to dismiss God’s honest Truth.

We debunk the main objections in this video.

They are:

1. Swoon Theory
2. Conspiracy Theory
3. Myth Theory
4. Hallucination Theory

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  1. There’s a problem with Jesus, (apart from the complete lack of historical evidence that he actually existed). Why would the Judeo-Christian god, Yahweh, decide to manifest himself on Earth by inseminating a woman, and then have to wait for nine months until he was born? And what about the dangers of childbirth? Before modern medicine, one in five women died during childbirth, and it was also risky for the babies. Furthermore, infancy was a hazardous time for the young, with half of them never living beyond the age of five, often dying of infectious diseases. And Yahweh didn’t even inform the people of the germ theory of disease, unless he told Mary, and she forgot to pass it on. But what the heck was Yahweh thinking?

    Why would the purported creator of the universe inseminate a mortal woman, rather than just doing what he allegedly did with Adam, who he molded out of dust? Or, seeing that he was supposedly omnipotent, surely he could have just magicked Jesus into existence, without the dust? And what about Jesus’ lack of a Y chromosome? Presumably, Zeus had a Y chromosome, but that’s not what sophisticated theologians claim for Yahweh. Why did Yahweh, with a stunning lack of imagination, copy the method used by Zeus to father a son, (known to us as the demigod Heracles, aka Hercules)? Or, more prosaically, was it just an unsophisticated, mythopoeic theologian who thought, if it worked for Zeus and Heracles, then it should be good for Yahweh and Jesus?

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