Covid-19 and Vaccines

#SR05 – Trudeau’s vaccine police wouldn’t give my passport back until they found out who I worked for

I was detained at the border illegally upon returning home from Florida. The border guard broke all the rules, but I show how you can still cross the border regardless of medical status. DONATE HERE… PATREON: KENNEDY’S BOOKS HERE:… AND HERE:… The Kennedy Report does not […]

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#71 – Snake Venom in the Rabbit Hole

We have been through a lot over the past 2 years — you all know what I am talking about! And, finding out the truth about what has happened is very important, and we all want to know. However, is it always good to go down every rabbit hole, or […]

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#48 Fatima and Vaccine Passports

We were warned that the advent of Global Communism would come if Our Lady of Fatima’s conditions were not fulfilled. Sadly, it seems that her requests largely fell on deaf ears. Over 100 years later, we now find ourselves in the midst of a troubling time in history where our […]

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