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Kennedy Hall

I have been producing fine YouTube videos since 2019 and am a published author.

Kennedy Hall

Kennedy Hall is a Catholic author, journalist, and broadcaster. He works for LifeSiteNews and hosts the popular radio program – The Kennedy Profession – on the Crusade Channel, sign up here!

His YouTube show, The Kennedy Report, took off last year, and him and his amazing team have decided to branch out and cover a great depth of topics.

As a journalist and talk-radio broadcaster, his finger is on the pulse of what matters most to Christians during these strange times in which we live.

Kennedy has a unique professional and literary background that gives him an edge when presenting complex ideas to a wide audience. You will not find more insightful commentary that synthesizes faith, politics, and philosophy anywhere else.

Terror Of Demons

In this book, Kennedy Hall explores the traditional wisdom of the Catholic Church on all things pertaining to masculinity.

Family Be Damned

The 2020 worldwide lockdown unleashed a fog of confusion and uncertainty into the world. Times like these are fertile breeding grounds for demonic activity in the family.