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Trudeau’s oppression of vaccine-free Canadians demonstrates weakness, not strength

Trudeau and his cronies can appeal to idealism and progressivism all they want, but even left-wingers get ticked off and want change when they are struggling to fill the tank.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

(LifeSiteNews) – As the world opens up and governments take their boots off the necks of innocent citizens, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is still pressing his foot down with measures that punish vaccine-free Canadians.

Canada looks like the last Western nation where the federal government is still trapping its citizens in the country and not allowing them to fly domestically.

A quick review of New Zealand, Australia, and Italy – all nations who have been as repressive as any – shows that in some cases there are no vaccine travel restrictions left at all, and in other cases it is sufficient to provide an immunity certificate or negative test. In Canada, vaccine-free Canadians still cannot board a train or a plane and travel from one region of the country to another.

In Canada, air and train travel are regulated by the federal government, even when you travel within the same province. The feds have made it so only a vaccine passport, or very limited jab exemptions, will afford you the opportunity to visit family, friends, or travel for work.

This means that if you lived in, let’s say, Kitchener, Ontario, you could not get on a VIA Rail train and travel to Toronto… even though you could travel from Kitchener to Toronto on a commuter train that is not under federal jurisdiction.

Isn’t “science” wonderful!

Oh, and vaccine-free Canadians also can’t LEAVE the country. Unjabbed Canadians are told they can’t “put others at risk” by boarding a plane with vaccinated people (because vaccines suddenly…work?).  Apparently, it is good for the unvaccinated to stay in Canada, even though … they are risk to everyone else who is protected by a vaccine?

Trudeau’s insecurity on display

Now, on the one hand it is quite easy to understand why Trudeau is acting like an evil dictator: he has proven himself to be an immoral tyrant on many occasions. However, given the fact that other leftist tyrants have eased up, it is clearly not just leftism or progressivism that causing him to trap Canadians indefinitely in their home like real-life versions of The Truman Show. (How fitting that it was Canadian Jim Carrey who starred in that film.)

There is something unique about Trudeau that is causing him to become “regressive” as the rest of the leftist dominated West is affording vaccine-free citizens their civil rights.

To the outside world, Trudeau may look like a confident – if not cringeworthy – tin-pot dictator, but in reality, he is a 50-year-old boy with little to no virtue. He is essentially a spoiled teenager who can remember lines and present himself well in a tailored suit and has a family name that tricked people into thinking he was competent.

His (Canadian) father, Pierre Trudeau, for all his faults, was shrewd and intelligent – even if evil. Justin Trudeau is evil and unintelligent and quite obtuse.

His time is limited

It’s true that there will not be an election for at least three years—unless there is a snap election before Trudeau’s term is up. The New Democrats have cozied up to Trudeau in order to pretend they are a sane and legitimate party and have promised to prop up his regime. Promises don’t really mean anything when politicians make them, so we shouldn’t assume that the communists will be loyal to each other.

However, it is obvious that public opinion is against Trudeau to a degree that he will not be able to withstand.

There is a reason why Trudeau had to resort to the Emergencies Act to squash the Freedom Convoy; no one wanted to stop it until they were forced to by law.

The various levels of provincial and municipal governance could have stopped the movement the way they stop any non-violent protest – but they didn’t want to.

Does this mean that the cops and all the citizens supported the convoy? Of course not, but I think that enough of them saw how absurd things have become and just wanted something to make the whole charade of 2020-2021-2022 go away.

The application of the Emergencies Act was wildly unpopular among Canadians, both on the Left and the Right. Leftists were happy to see the movement end but were unimpressed that Trudeau ended it in such an absurd way. Conservatives generally supported the movement, and therefore saw Trudeau as a complete lunatic for doing what he did.

All of this means that in the long run Trudeau is hurting his reputation, even among his base. This is not news for him as the Conservative leadership race heats up.

Freedom is on the move

Without giving the impression that I think Canada is on the brink of some massive societal restoration, I would be remiss if I did not speak to the positives.

Currently, we are witnessing the first real Conservative leadership race in a long time. Pierre Pollievre is filling arenas and convention centres with freedom-loving crowds, and Leslyn Lewis is making leftist journalists look silly on national TV. It is worth remembering that we are talking about a leadership race, not an election, but the swell of right-wing uprising is palpable.

In fact, the last time something like this happened was after a groundswell of Christian/right-wing sentiment following years of leftist oppression under the former Trudeau and his successors.

As a result of that, we had Stephen Harper for a decade who, although not perfect, was a saint compared with Trudeau.

The economy is tanking in Canada, and goods and services are becoming prohibitively expensive for average people. Trudeau and his cronies can appeal to idealism and progressivism all they want, but even left-wingers get ticked off and want change when they are struggling to fill the tank.

Ultimately, Trudeau is continuing to trap vaccine-free Canadians from participating fully in society because he knows that if he pulls the plug on his last failing restriction, that his regime will go down the drain.


  1. I liked this article – it is how I found you.
    Keep up the good work. Trudeau is a sick sick boy child and he needs to be removed from office ASAP. He has divided the country and has promoted hate.
    #Worst PM EVER

  2. Watch the documentary “2000 Mules”. Unless we show proof of citizenship/ID to vote in person, elections are insecure. In Canada you now have mail-in ballots, which some tout as convenient. It’s makes it convenient to steal elections. You may never have a conservative gov’t again. Trudeau is in lock-step with the WEF (World Economic Forum) agenda.

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