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Canadian Christian calls out Great Reset and Justin Trudeau in new pro-faith anthem

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‘Suddenly I felt a wave of peace and warmth flood over me, and I knew, again, no matter what happens, God is in control.’

Canadian rapper Matt Brevner – Instagram

(LifeSiteNews) – Canadian rapper Matt Brevner released a new pro-faith and pro-freedom anthem aimed at inspiring Christians to pray for Christian leadership in Canada.

The track is entitled “All my Haters Don’t Pray” and it follows his wildly successful single “More of Us” that was released in January.

In the song, he calls out – among other things – the Great Reset and Justin Trudeau for their anti-human and anti-God policies.

“Seems these politicians making dirty deals with Satan … you’ll own nothing and be happy. That’s the catch phrase.”

Referring specifically to Trudeau’s leadership, he says, “We need a real leader not a drama teacher, Holy Spirit clear the way for some true believers.”

He gave an exclusive interview to LifeSiteNews describing his inspiration for the song, and what role his Christian faith plays in his music as well as what his hopes for his country.

Asked about what inspired him to write the song, he said, “The inspiration for the song came from the prayer closet. Looking at everything going on in our world right now … ”

“Runaway inflation, affordability, the housing crisis, the opioid epidemic, being treated like a second-class citizen in Canada because of vaccine status … The truth has been thrown to the streets, and purity is under attack … the list goes on.”

Rather than becoming depressed at what he sees as major issues in Canada and the world, he decided instead to bring all of his “burdens to Him in prayer.” Brevner relayed that while praying through the difficulties, God made it clear to him that faithless and anti-Christian politicians are the way they are because “they don’t pray.”

“Suddenly, I felt a wave of peace and warmth flood over me, and I knew, again, no matter what happens, God is in control … Later that day I began working on the music and writing the song.”

“All my Haters Don’t Pray” has been viewed and listened to hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube alone since its release on April 1, as well as being bought and streamed much more on other outlets.

The staggering success – especially for an independent musician – comes on the heels of “More of Us,” which has been listened to by millions since its release in January.

“The reception for “More of Us” was beyond anything that I could have hoped for, or put together with my own hands,” he said.

“Despite all the attempts to censor and shadow-ban the video, it went global. I’ve had thousands of messages from nurses, doctors, and vaccine-injured people who felt like the song gave them hope. Videos from protest groups in the thousands in Italy and the U.K. What a blessing. That’s a God play.”

He released the track shortly before the Freedom Convoy movement popped off in Canada and “there was a tonal shift in the world towards the mandates,” he said. “I take no credit for that, but I am so grateful that God used me in a small way to show his heart to people.”

In his most recent track, he refers to the rise of Canadian patriotism in the face of harsh lockdown policies, and that it is the Christian faith that helps him to stand strong. “I stand firmly in the Father, you will not shake me, Christ saved me and He taught me that the world would hate me. Catch me singing O Canada in the face of tear gas canisters broadcasting through these iPhone cameras … the revolution won’t be televised, but we gon’ livestream it.”

He said that he prays for “Christian leaders in the West … Only God knows their hearts.”

Brevner also said that Christians need to realize “that we’re losing the youth, we need to lift up and champion creatives that share our values in the bigger picture.”

“I think music, arts and entertainment as a whole so often are used for the worse. It’s dulling our senses and discernment for what’s righteous and true, and what’s harmful to us. What propagates death. Art is a form of communication that often slips under the radar of the conscious mind, and goes straight to the heart and spirit if executed effectively.”

If you would like to hear more of Brevner and support him, you can visit his website, where his music is for sale.

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